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Your peace of mind is our top priority. This is why we go the extra mile here at Yacht-Transportation.  Our dedicated staff has come up with many helpful programs to assist you throughout your moving process of your yacht or boat.

Yacht Transportation: Providing our customers with choice, flexibility and control, because you deserve it!

Listed below is a comprehensive list of services our dedicated staff at Yacht-Transportation has come up with to better service you!

1.Yacht Transportation:
  • Inland Transportation
  • Containerized Services
  • Boat Shipping Cradles
  • Varied Shipping Methods such as:
  • Float-on/ Float-off, Lift-on/ Lift-off & Roll-on/ Roll-off
2.Yacht Administration:
  • Financial management - budget and expenditures
  • Tax and legal requirements
  • Boat registration & certification
  • Insurance coverage
  • Marinas & dockage service
  • Monitoring & security
3.Yacht Maintenance:
  • Boat cleaning & detailing
  • Parts procurement & delivery
  • Regular light maintenance (filters, bulbs, tanks, etc.)
  • Engine & equipment maintenance and repair
4.Yacht Crew:
  • Recruitment, reference, & certification
  • Contracts, payroll & insurance
  • Management & communication